Zebra or Zulu which one is more correct for Army Alphabet "Z"?

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  • Zebra or Zulu which one is more correct for Army Alphabet "Z"?


Answer #1 | 13/02 2014 07:24
Zulu is the ONLY correct phonetic for Z. The phonetic alphabet was created to make voice communications more understandable even if the recipient couldn't hear the message perfectly. That's why the sender says a specific word for each letter, rather than saying any word that starts with that letter. If the message comes in broken, the recipient may know what "ulu" is, but maybe not what "bra" is.
Answer #2 | 13/02 2014 07:20
Zulu is the real phonetic for "Z".
Answer #3 | 13/02 2014 14:29
Zulu which is Greenwhich mean time actually. It is not the same as military time though which is why when speaking or referencing zulu time a person will always add a "Z" behind it or say "Z" or zulu. I live in the central time zone which during day lights savings time is 6 hours earlier than Greenwhich mean time. Right now it is 4:21 PM or 1621 hours military time but if you add six to that then it is 2221 Z or 10:21 PM in Greenwhich, England. When not on daylights savings time then it would only be 5 hours because of the 5 time zones between where I live and Greewhich mean time. Zulu time is 24 hour operational time in the sense that it all is based on that common point of Greenwhich, England and what time it is there when referencing things. It is used quite a lot especially when we are talking about people communicating across several different time zones about something and an easy way to look at that concept is to remember that when its day time there its night time here or vice versa.

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