You catch a fish. Do you throw it back, or keep it, cook it, and eat it?

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  • You catch a fish. Do you throw it back, or keep it, cook it, and eat it?


Answer #1 | 28/12 2013 21:09
THe fish would have to catch me as I'm not into fishing.
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Answer #2 | 28/12 2013 20:48
I throw it back because it has the capability to suffer. Plants do not because they have no brain.
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Answer #3 | 28/12 2013 21:14
Depends on what kind of fish I have caught. Who would want to deal with a piranha or something?
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Answer #4 | 28/12 2013 20:43
I jump in the lake. "Swim, swim, I dance in the water."
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Answer #5 | 29/12 2013 02:15
your choice will depend on the values that you hold, if you value life, per se then you do not catch fish at all, if you value yourself more than the fish, because you have the choice of fishing and the fish does not have the choice of manning, so, you are powerful, so you make a choice, with this power comes the responsibility of choosing the right action, which will be based on your values, choosing the right values to live by is a million dollar question, because you have various perceptions.
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Answer #6 | 28/12 2013 20:47
Depends. If I'm hungry.I'd keep it if its large. If I was starving. I'd keep anything. If I was fishing for fun. It would depend on how much I may have hurt the fish in the process of catching it.Seeing how, it seems a waste to me to throw away a perfectly edible fish,thats not long for this world. However most of the time I have a catch and release policy.
Answer #7 | 28/12 2013 20:49
nice try! I happen to know that there are regulations on fishing. It's a trick!
Answer #8 | 28/12 2013 20:48
Throw it back if it is still alive. I believe if I cook it and eat it, the fish' family will lose their loved one and there is obvious consequence I am responsible for.
Answer #9 | 28/12 2013 21:32
It depends on how close I am to a city, and what's upstream.
Answer #10 | 28/12 2013 21:10
that depends on the size of the fish
Answer #11 | 28/12 2013 20:43
Depends . If You want to have fish for Supper You bang it over the head and eat it . Otherwise You kiss it goodbye and release it.

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