Yes i want to win $ 5,000 A week "forever" feb 23rd!

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  • Yes i want to win $ 5,000 A week "forever" feb 23rd!


Mr. Larry Collier | 15/01 2018 06:35
Hi, Ms. Danielle, this is one of your participant since 2013, but I have not given up, this years resolution was stop believing in yourself, I will be the next Big Winner of the $5,000.00 A WEEK"FOREVER" Sweepstake's looking forward to seeing you Ms. Danielle Lam, Mr. Dave Sayer, and Mr. Todd Sloane have a GREAT YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Positive: 56.25 %
Mr. Larry Collier | 15/01 2018 06:22
Hi, Yes I would love to win $5,000.00 a Week "Forever", after being a loyal participant since 2013, but I never gave up, this year new year's resolution is to believe in your self, and keep the faith, God has his plan, and Yes I want to WIN & ACCEPT MY PRIZE # TO WIN $5,000.00 A WEEK "FOREVER" ON FEBUARY, 23RD.
Positive: 52.941176470588 %
Humberto Cardenas | 16/01 2018 13:32
Humberto Cardenas yes I want my $5000.00 a week "forever " after being a loyal since Jan 2018 yes i accept my prize 5000 on feb23
Positive: 52.941176470588 %
Richard Ingelido | 16/01 2018 02:20
I want to win 5,000.00 a week forever on Feb 23rd
Positive: 53.333333333333 %
Anthony Rucker | 19/01 2018 19:43
Yes I want to claim my prize 5,000 forever Feb 23rd 300,092,000.00 up front 5,000 for life pch #8800
Positive: 53.846153846154 %
Humberto Cardenas | 16/01 2018 13:36
I believe that everyone has there purpose in life and I will make sure mine is done right for our good for our future and most importantly for mankind
Positive: 47.058823529412 %

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