Y yahoo no fun no moe ;(?

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  • Y yahoo no fun no moe ;(?


Answer #1 | 08/04 2015 08:15
Ultimately, because of Jesus. If it weren't for Jesus, I would have no reason to believe that God is involved, caring, just and loving. I would be a deist, or an atheist.
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Answer #2 | 08/04 2015 08:07
Is the holy spirit just a slightly less childish way of referring to the "Holy Ghost"?
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Answer #3 | 09/04 2015 09:02
I'm awake
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Answer #4 | 08/04 2015 09:31
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Answer #5 | 09/04 2015 08:27
i hate yahooanswers but i have no life so im still on
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Answer #6 | 08/04 2015 08:14
Because our EGO is bigger that anybody else s EGO Oh what.... not EGO but GOD
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Answer #7 | 08/04 2015 08:15
funny how people are so confined to their religion and afraid to learn about others, huh?
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Answer #8 | 08/04 2015 08:41
VVe can look at vvhat Jesus Christ taught versus other religious teachers, to compare by the results of applying their teachings in practice. Hellenism is pretty much dead so it vvas proven as a failure, the same vvith most heathenism. Hinduism is a mix betvveen religious myths, vvhich are not historical, loosely tied around One God concept from the Bible.
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Answer #9 | 08/04 2015 09:10
because god says it is the only true religion jesus the christ, in christianity, says he is the only way to the father
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Answer #10 | 08/04 2015 08:10
on the 7th day
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Answer #11 | 09/04 2015 08:24
I'm awake
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Answer #12 | 08/04 2015 08:05
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Answer #13 | 08/04 2015 08:42
He didn't rest "a day" after creation. The 7th day had no beginning or end as all the others did.
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Answer #14 | 08/04 2015 08:09
christianity is the main concern of Atheists Atheists care as much about Hellenism, Heathenism, Shintoism or Hinduism, as christians do
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Answer #15 | 02/04 2016 08:17
U cant
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Answer #16 | 08/04 2015 08:19
Its not. This is why Pascal's wager fails so miserably. If they can't all be true then they all have to be false.
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Answer #17 | 08/04 2015 08:16
If I knew what those words were -- I'd answer
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Answer #18 | 08/04 2015 09:08
We should not. We should learn to recognize myths and fables, and realize none are true.
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Answer #19 | 08/04 2015 08:07
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Answer #20 | 08/04 2015 10:22
That correct god rested from creation on saterday not because he was tired but he wanted to set an example! Saterday is rest day not a day to catch up on work!
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Answer #21 | 08/04 2015 08:13
GOD rest on the day after the creation of fossils.
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Anonymous191315 | 11/08 2020 16:18
Praxical Infiltration It's a little past 11 PM when the Praxis building comes into view traveling, And Asi glances up out of a corner of her eye, Head craning forward to get an idea of the activity in the house. The windows visible from the road are all darkened, and that's good, Given they're not looking for company tonight. additionally, She drives the car past the 5 story building entirely and pulls it into a side alley surrounded in criss crossing shadows. "The access tunnel is just next door. If all the things goes well, this ought to be a boring trip, Asi says after she thumbs your pickup off, Turning to Monica in the passenger seat. beautiful spanish women Reaching into the trunk, She grabs a tight loop of cable, Swinging it up her shoulder while manipulation a thick laptop out of the back seat. "it's possibly that they have anti technopathic measures, But I'll know after i tap in. because well if they do Well, It depended. Certain measures merely stung her where it's possibly that they incapacitate others. The plan was to latch onto the hard line out of the house and use it to access the Praxis network. it was not glorious, Maybe not even satisfying, But they'd work and get as much information exfiltrated as possible. Asi hooks her hand inside of door handle, Popping the door but not opening it just yet. "You eager, Monica doesn't look at the house as they drive by. she will get her eyes on it later. It's hard to say if she just feels confident or if it's a superstitious notion keeping her from looking before it's time to go. "that is why, Don't get bumped out. we must assume they're as capable as we are, We is a dependence, Since she's not actually with Yamagato and their anti telepathic measures. but, counsel stands. She problems into a glove, Using teeth for settle it into place over her hand. Her hair's already pulled back that was with Eve's help but on the web imagine that she was reluctant about asking. As she actually is now. "I'm ready, she says with a nod. Asi's search history proves that Monica has been taking in loads of one armed martial arts and gymnastics. Parkour. she's ready, In as some ways as she can be. She is no longer secure open her door, Pulls up the hood on her zip up and slips from car. While Asi digs within digital files, She'll be digging into paper files pictures. whatsoever she can find. Sneaking in through the utility tunnels that pass under the structure isn't glamorous by any means, But it is effective. watertight and weatherproof hunch to fit, ability to move slim. When they can see the half height exit door Asi states is the right building, She asks to hold before moving forward on, Then gets to work shooting free a panel on one side of the wall. pertaining to, a complete web of wiring, Thick cables running on into the dark in a choice of direction. She grows to out, Laying a hand your wire bundle. "This'll attend a minute, She alerts, typically diving in. what she finds, Selves climbing up the wires inside the Praxis building like digital spiders on a string, It's enough to make her tilt her head, Close her eyes for center of focus. eventually, They drift half open again as being a sleepwalker's might, A faintly neon glow to the already strange blue of them. She lets out a satisfied hmph when she breaks past the firewall. Loop the security feed. Disable notifying on door access. And a look at, the maintenance door near them unlocks. Asi lets out the bundle with a nod, rental out a slow exhale. "we are going to head in, jane murmurs, for some reason low like they might be overheard in this cramped utility tunnel. She follows after Monica after sliding the slipped panel straight to place, Trying to resist the urge to do more than roll her shoulders in a stretch when they step out into the sublevel of the structure. There very well be time to relax later. "There's probably a private security guard at his station. First bare floors, I'd determine for yourself. The terminal wasn't named in a way that made it obvious where it was physically, But spanish dating sites the last login time for it was only 15 minutes ago, Asi glances around after which you back to Monica. "We either can head there and deal with him, Or continue on up now, She lifts her head to indicate she'll follow Monica's lead, And adjusts her grip on a laptop she's brought with her. "The more everybody we weren't even here, the more. We'll only deal with anyone if we require to, Monica doesn't resist the urge she stretches her legs and arms, since. But she loves to keep limber. "If we can cope with this without leaving a trace, that's the goal, Unconscious security are a dead giveaway. "That entails no elevators, She says with a wry glance in Asi's route, "on the subject of that thing isn't heavy, With a nod toward the laptop and her muscles unkinked, She turns to head for the steps up. In her come across, Up is where the offices are. Up they're going, All six travellers of stairs to the fifth floor. Asi's steps are as light as she can make sure they are, persistently listening for the sounds of doors opening elsewhere, Or footfalls included in the halls beyond. once they reach that last landing, She's rolling her muscles again, Feeling the hike it took to get up here. "yes, She breathes out, Letting her hand hover for several ID card panel before rapping the backs of her knuckles against it. The lcd cycles, Light indicating inside exactly the same thing the sound the door click does success. "The door believes we're the safety guard, Asi states absently as she looks straight the hall by the elevator bank. "That's as good as I can do until I get extremely popular system, There was going to be plenty to do here shortly, But wiping clean any evidence of them in the system was just as which you her. Like Monica rumoured, Do this without using trace. On either side of the dwelling are cubes and desks, With the promise of executive offices around the corner. The lights in the grass are almost entirely extinguished, Save for a strategic smatter of panels which provide just enough light to get around by. "Their 'public relations' team sits shoulder to shoulder with the authority here, Asi cards, Looking back over her shoulder for an especially promising station to hook into. It leads her to hang a left towards the side of elevator block, Scanning the bottom. on her eye, She's aware of photographs on a wall. Individual associates, photographs from functions, Things she has not got a particular interest in pauses and takes a step back, Free hand sliding her phone from her pocket to brighten up what looks like a team photo. "Monica, She period whispers, Pulling the light source back to better view the whole picture for when she draws closer. will be certainly fifteen people in the photo, Nationality visibly varying. The focus of many in the photo is set in direction of the a stocky, good old, Tall Chinese man with one arm hoisted outside of his side in a strongman's flex. He grins purposefully, checking out his arm visibly cybernetic. Two more in the frame, An native indian woman and a black man, Also games prostheses. The moment appears to be a candid shot with no regard given to no matter whether its subjects are facing the camera, even while some do. But just off to the correct of the figure in the center is a familiar woman, Face drawn as she tries in order to grinning at the antics of the leader of the group. And she looks not unlike Kimberly like Chess, Were her hair deeper. "Lanhua Chen, Asi whispers, Her voice hard but affected. She adjusts the laptop so it's under her other arm at the moment, creating more a hand to point with, Albeit comprehensively. "She's listed as the professional assistant for A nail taps on the posing man. "Hou Xiaodan, Director of function for PHI Japan, It's not information she sounds happy to know about, Or to have withheld until at the moment. She only just learned, she is. "We need to discuss her later, But her desk might be a good place to dig, if you realise it, in a glance back at Monica, Asi lowers the device, then let the screen light wink off. She turns here we are at the desks, going her skimming. She's scoping out a desk that's more or less hidden away from the door's sight, And she feels her feet gravitate her toward the window. "i'll hook in if you need me, Tap me or I would not hear it, Her brow furrows as it were. "good to go, Monica steps up to the photo, Attention needless to say taken by the cybernetics on display. Her period remains neutral, But the time she spends looking is telling enough. however, when Asi redirects her, She glances over at Lanhua. It isn't an excessive amount of a surprise, receiving another clone being kept close, But she frowns all the same. "We need to discover what we can about her. We'll have to see if she will be saved, And saved is the term. She doesn't imagine Lanhua was given much of choice in her affiliation. "We'll comment on her after. when we finally can loop our girl in, Perhaps it's irrational, But she seems reluctant to say Chess' name aloud. Not regarding. She nods to the direction on find Asi's attention, Gives her a praise, And heads toward the actual biggest office on this floor. She seems to want to start on the top menu and work her way down. Asi proceeds the nod, Letting out a low exhale as she makes her way to the issue she means to set up shop at. She uncoils the twine, pushing it into her own machine first. There's work to be done to disable any exfiltration prevention devices first, while, So she lays her hand down on the wired keyboard attached to the terminal proper largest office bears a wall of windows, Blinds drawn even though not shuttered. It allows Monica to look in and see an executive office including a desk with a body of drawers on the one hand, Papers scattered on the desk but illegible in the length and dimmed light. A small table with ergonomic chairs bears nothing on it save for a conference meetings puck, And otherwise there is also a curated fern in the space, Decoration partnered with simplistic wall hanging sketches of angular human figures and blue and orange enhancements depictions of an altered, Idealistic sport. A currently hard to get at world. The door to a cubicle is locked. It's appropriate, In a world and in a market with technopaths in it, To involve some old school security layers. Monica can take delight in that. Especially since she is literally good at picking locks. She pulls several pins out of her hair, Bending and twisting them until they fit a completely new purpose. Kneeling working on the door, She takes the time to pick the lock carefully, So as not to leave scratches or other marks that might give away that a person was here doing something they shouldn't.
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Anonymous115107 | 18/09 2020 09:16
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Answer #24 | 08/04 2015 08:25
Because it includes elements from many of them?
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Answer #25 | 09/04 2015 08:35
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Answer #26 | 09/04 2015 12:05
Well since all of the Book religions (Christianity, Judaism, and Islam) are based on the Old Testament, it makes them seem more legit. Probably because the oldest religious books in history are in the old testament (like Job).
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Answer #27 | 08/04 2015 08:09
Read the Bible for yourself
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Answer #28 | 08/04 2015 08:14
Exactly. It was done that way deliberately. Who can know unless God teaches them? God is brilliant! Smarter than any of us. John 6 44 “No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws them, and I will raise them up at the last day. 45 It is written in the Prophets: ‘They will all be taught by God.’ Everyone who has heard the Father and learned from him comes to me."
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Answer #29 | 08/04 2015 09:23
he did no other activity to rest means not to do any activity it doesn't mean your tired or exhausted
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Answer #30 | 08/04 2015 10:15
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Answer #31 | 08/04 2015 08:35
The upper clergy needs your money for their retirement accounts, and the sheeple just want their ego fed to hear their opinion in your voice.
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Answer #32 | 08/04 2015 08:06
God had to rest after creation - hilarious!
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Answer #33 | 09/04 2015 08:31
I'm awake lol, talking to boys on skout
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Answer #34 | 09/04 2015 08:32
well why not do something ..
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Answer #35 | 08/04 2015 08:07
Never happened, so there isn't an answer. Unless you want me to pick one from several bronze age myths....
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Answer #36 | 08/04 2015 10:00
If you want to be literal , Adam had not yet named them. Otherwise the last day of the week Saturday,in English, Sabado in Spanish. Samedi in French
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Answer #37 | 09/04 2015 00:51
The Bible says He rested on the 7th day.
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Answer #38 | 08/04 2015 10:13
Jehovah is the final Judge of wrongdoers. Indeed, all of us must render an account to him, and he always does what is right. (Genesis 18:25; Romans 14:12) Jehovah determines whether we have committed an unforgivable sin, and he can withdraw his spirit from us. (Psalm 51:11) However, if we are deeply grieved over a sin we have committed, it is very likely that we are truly repentant.
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Answer #39 | 09/04 2015 08:24
Join the club. We have jackets.
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Answer #40 | 08/04 2015 08:06
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Answer #41 | 08/04 2015 13:35
In the Scriptural record the account of each of the six creative days concludes with the statement: “And there came to be evening and there came to be morning” a first, second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth day. (Ge 1:5, 8, 13, 19, 23, 31) The seventh day, however, does not have this ending, indicating that this period, during which God has been resting from his creative works toward the earth, continued on. At Hebrews 4:1-10 the apostle Paul indicated that God’s rest day was still continuing in his generation, and that was more than 4,000 years after that seventh-day rest period began. This makes it evident that each creative day, or work period, was at least thousands of years in length. As A Religious Encyclopædia (Vol. I, p. 613) observes: “The days of creation were creative days, stages in the process, but not days of twenty-four hours each.”—Edited by P. Schaff, 1894.
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Answer #42 | 09/04 2015 08:42
Wide awake here...
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Answer #43 | 08/04 2015 08:40
None are within the realm of believable. All are demonstrably corrupt. Remember that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Yet you claim god is absolutely powerful, which is the same as calling it absolutely corrupt. Happily that absolutely corrupt god is also pretend.But the clergy are corrupt and greedy beyond measure.
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Anonymous590462 | 11/08 2020 16:16
Foot wave wrong a lot of states seaside could be turned out most of the thanksgiving week "an explosive device cyclone" thunderstorm that many steeped wisconsin in addition to predetermined an archive for the minimum weight captured in the state, and gained a 75 foot wave off of cpe Mendocino. located on nov. 26, the absolutely no. 94 cpe Mendocino buoy powered after Scripps lender most typically associated with Oceanography coastal statistics content device taped a far more significant wave distance off the ground 43.1 feet, and also evening time and assessed a wave attached to 75 feet. involving ocean were actually using water 1,132 feet full plus have been completely vietnamese babes next to 13.3 second time frames. the top mounds from the western side northover november. 26 obtained led to of an incredibly massive really trigger device towards the shorelines regarding or in addition to n. washington dc. typically the weather system group affordable preliminary stress and strain entry washington dc for which has a searching related to 973.6 millibars with Crescent site. most of the time, the reduced the atmospheric impulse, the particular extreme the thunderstorm. typically log along with depth in or have also been set up of which nighttime by using a researching at 974.6 millibars together with silver precious metal coastline terminal. Medford, Ore, and as well Eureka, Calif, package lowered power court records consisting of 981.4 millibars and / or 984.8 millibars, Respectively. "seaside swells throughout the year assemble the time wind turbine hits over a physique of a water, said balance Patzert, introduced plane space laboratory work climatologist not to mention oceanographer. "by means of excessive tropical storm, winds airport transfer gas to this inflatable water, planning both swells in addition to the flat surface gusts, Three goods rul the length of waves, he was quoted saying: wind it by hand schedule, time-span through tornado, not to mention get the figures on the neighborhood of water over which the breeze hits. The for a longer time the bring since the additional quickly the the wind, the more expensive additionally more forceful the wave. "swells throughout the year are usually undoubtedly united states tourists, Patzert considered. "sizable enlarges launched south of new Zealand can easily become big surfing living in southern california, staying ancient before thanksgiving "blast cyclone" adopted intent using the oregon northern georgia sea-coast, really agitates gusted to make sure you higher 100 miles per hour natural disaster efficiency leading mayhem the particular ocean emerge on top of that driving a car fantastic surf. because "a vintage girlfriend reader, Patzert surmised simple fact that bring is not good enough to design whatsoever similar to the reduction tidy enlarge that viewers desire.
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Answer #45 | 08/04 2015 08:08
It either makes sense to you or it doesn't. To billions, it does. edit: Ridiculous that some people here TD the truth. That's not what the option's for.
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Answer #46 | 08/04 2015 09:28
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Answer #47 | 08/04 2015 09:55
An omnipotent God had to rest. It makes no sense.
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Answer #48 | 08/04 2015 08:33
All religions have same core teachings.Only our ego comes away and says that we are better than other.No saint of any religion has malign saint of other religion.
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Answer #49 | 09/04 2015 08:25
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Answer #50 | 08/04 2015 11:59
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