Y&R What's up with Courtney & Chavez?

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  • Y&R What's up with Courtney & Chavez?


Answer #1 | 02/01 2014 14:27
She called him Travis, then Det. Rodriguez. Something is up with those two, but for some reason I have a feeling about her being related to Carmine.
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Answer #2 | 02/01 2014 13:19
I'm betting on a couple of things. 1-he's either a dirty cop and he is her dealer. 2-he is her dealer but he is undercover. 3-he is a dirty cop with ties to a mafia family and Courtney is the Mob bosses daughter.
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Answer #3 | 02/01 2014 12:17
If I didn't know better I would think the writers didn't know where there are going with the character of Alex .... in the beginning he comes to GC to find Noah, the money his sister, he is with Abby then he's not, now he meets Courtney in the park ...... who knows what's up? I think the writers could have giving him a better part, at times you would forget all about him, because you didn't see him.
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Answer #4 | 02/01 2014 11:02
It's not her brother, but maybe her brother by marriage? We will see
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Answer #5 | 02/01 2014 12:23
That is what I like to know. First she calls him Zack, then she let a slip of a tongue and called him Det. Rodriguez before saying Chavez. So I am wondering if Alex's real name is Zach Rodriguez. She had to have known him from somewhere before.
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Answer #6 | 02/01 2014 10:55
Not sure but he might be her brother.
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Answer #7 | 02/01 2014 22:18
I think the writers are grasping at straws to try to make sense of things. It is like they are trying to create a back story for several characters without any pre-planning at all. They have characters, yet there was no foreshadowing of their connections at all. I blame it on a lack of vision and planning on the writers.
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Answer #8 | 02/01 2014 18:19
Not sure but I think it has to do with someone in Courtney's family..
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