Xperia L or HTC Desire 500?

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  • Xperia L or HTC Desire 500?


Answer #1 | 23/12 2013 01:43
HTC Desire 500 is faster but you would get half the intermal storage of xperia L. Xpeira L has 8 gb and Desire 500 has 4 gb. Overall I would probably go for HTC but such a small internal memory would always bug me and make my phone slow when it gets some apps in it. HTC desire 500 C has a better front camera as well but xperia L has better screen resolution and higher ppi (pixels per inch). I would end up getting xperia L coz it also has newer adreno 305 GPU. Desire 500 uses older Adreno 203 GPU. Desire's 4 Gb of internal storage is actually an issue for me! Only less than 1 gb of storage would be available to use. You won't even be able to get big size games in it plus it will eventually make your phone lag when that memory is filled with your downloaded apps
Answer #2 | 23/12 2013 02:29
I would suggest getting xperia l. According to prashant i disagree that desire 500 is faster as it uses old cortex a5 cores and xperia l uses new krait cores and adreno 305 is much faster than adreno 203, hence You cant play intensive 3d games in desire 500 but you can with xperia l. As gsmarena said the 8mp camera of desire is inferior than xperia

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