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  • Would you? ...please?


Answer #1 | 21/05 2009 19:15
Answer #2 | 21/05 2009 19:17
i dont get it
Answer #3 | 21/05 2009 19:16
good poem?
Answer #4 | 21/05 2009 19:23
e is for emotional m is for miserable o is for on the dark side depressing
Answer #5 | 21/05 2009 22:59
Forgive me. I'm about to be very critical. Not because of what the poem says, I didn't read it. I didn't read it, because every time I tried I couldn't. I've had this problem with other poems written like this. It's like looking at a formless blob of words. Perhaps I'm alone in this, but I find these things very hard to read. Some kind of grouping or organization would help.  
Answer #6 | 21/05 2009 20:01
That's what it is? I never knew... honestly. This was written well! Very different style, but I could relate to every detail. I enjoyed it, thank you!
Answer #7 | 22/05 2009 11:18
How well and poetically you describe the condition; you left out the incredible pain in the heart. Very nice write, of the kind only you do best.

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