Would You Lot Just Like Me To Marry You Now?

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  • Would You Lot Just Like Me To Marry You Now?


Answer #1 | 01/06 2010 13:00
George isnt even here yet T.T edit: Oh I'm getting married! Accio George! edit: it worked! Now we can get married =D edit: I DOO!!!! edit: *KISS*
Answer #2 | 01/06 2010 13:34
Yaaaay! Maybe they'll have twins! :'D
Answer #3 | 01/06 2010 13:15
Marry Fred and George! Haha, this ought to be pretty epic YAHHH!!! *tosses some popcorn at the kissing Fred and George* *and is laughing her off @Ron* @ Tonks, yes and if they have twins they MUST name them Gred and Forge. There will be no arguments about that.
Answer #4 | 01/06 2010 13:06
If you can get a couple on here Edit ** *cries at the new couple* Now I shall make a toast to the weasleys! :D
Answer #5 | 01/06 2010 13:49
My mummy tells me I'm too young to be married
Answer #6 | 01/06 2010 13:53
Hey guys *waves* sorry i'm late. Congrats!!!
Answer #7 | 02/06 2010 11:09
Puppet Harry told me to stay away from you guys, he had a point there.
Answer #8 | 02/06 2010 06:26
I love all you harry potter people, DOWN WITH CALLUM UP WITH YOU GUYS.
Answer #9 | 01/06 2010 17:46
Congrats to the groom and the groom!!

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