Would you like to work from home?

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  • Would you like to work from home?


Answer #1 | 16/09 2006 15:16
Answer #2 | 16/09 2006 15:16
Answer #3 | 16/09 2006 15:16
Answer #4 | 16/09 2006 15:16
No thanks I work to get away from home.
Answer #5 | 16/09 2006 15:16
reported , advertise in paper's not here were it's free
Answer #6 | 16/09 2006 15:16
Boring get rich slow campaigns. You get nothing for free so just bin this
Answer #7 | 16/09 2006 23:21
i understand that you have a home-based opportunity. Email me @ [email protected] I would like to know more about it. Cheers.
Answer #8 | 16/09 2006 20:27
telecommuting Working at home and communicating with the office by phone, fax and computer. In the U.S., at the beginning of the 21st century, more than 30 million Americans were telecommuting at least one day a week. Also called "teleworking." Goes Way Back In the 1960s, the information technology industry was one of the first to offer telecommuting to its employees. In those days, a small number of programmers worked at home one or more days a week; however, the only communications link to the office was the telephone. There were no modems attached to desktop computers because there were no desktop computers. A few programmers may have had the luxury of a terminal connected to a mainframe or minicomputer, but the majority wrote source code using a pen and paper. They created the input by "punching cards" and did the testing at a local datacenter
Answer #9 | 16/09 2006 15:38
I can't be bothered to check the link out, so tell me now how much would I be ripped off for the privilege of working in my own home? And would I have to go to Berlin to do it???
Answer #10 | 16/09 2006 15:17
No, not really.

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