would you date someone outside of your country?

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  • would you date someone outside of your country?


Answer #1 | 25/06 2006 10:09
nope- its hard enough spending time with someone who lives in the same community why another country-interent love HAHA
Answer #2 | 25/06 2006 10:16
not in this life
Answer #3 | 25/06 2006 10:13
Sure there nothing wrong. It just that you may not be able to actually be with each other very often, but, in time one may move to be with the other. There could be problems with Trust, depends on the relationship and understanding both people have on this.
Answer #4 | 25/06 2006 10:11
No, long distance relationships are too hard to maintain. I would however date some from another country.
Answer #5 | 25/06 2006 10:10
yes, I'm from Finland and living together with my British boyfriend
Answer #6 | 25/06 2006 10:25
if he worth it yeah if no never!
Answer #7 | 25/06 2006 11:12
sure!i´m a american living here in tenerife and love to date someone from spain or here tenerife....
Answer #8 | 02/07 2006 08:17
As long as I had a good time and could communicate--sure. Fun, friendship, and/or love is the same all over the world.
Answer #9 | 29/06 2006 20:29
Yes, I live in the U.S. and my boyfriend lives in Mexico. If it wasn't a relationship that meant a lot to me and was more just for fun, I wouldn't do it. But when you meet someone amazing, you can get through the obstacles.
Answer #10 | 27/06 2006 09:04
yes foreign people are nice
Answer #11 | 25/06 2006 18:02
sure, but only if i knew it was serious and we'd eventually be living in the same city.
Answer #12 | 27/06 2006 06:26
if he were worth it yes but he was a jerk NEVER!!!!!!!!

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