Would the people who wrote ancient books like the Bible know more about the universe than today's scientists?

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  • Would the people who wrote ancient books like the Bible know more about the universe than today's scientists?


Answer #1 | 06/06 2017 12:41
Of course, they would. They were closer to the event.
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Answer #2 | 06/06 2017 12:07
No, they didn't know much about the world around them, let alone anything outside of it.
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Answer #3 | 06/06 2017 12:17
Not necessarily the people who read, study and believe the Bible, or those who wrote it, have wisdom of their own. But we do have access to the God who influenced it's writing and who created the world and all. And I think He knows more than any human scientist. And we have access to His wisdom and knowledge by faith in His Holy Word and through knowing Him personally in our hearts and lives. And by His indwelling Holy Spirit of God. And through prayer.
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Answer #4 | 06/06 2017 12:05
No, ancient people, who wrote ancient books, cannot know about the universe correctly.
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Answer #5 | 06/06 2017 12:07
Oh please, We know more about the Universe today than we did 20 years ago. The Bibles and the Quran were political works, not science books. In the Holy Books, the world was flat and the center of the Universe. And some cast member walked on water.
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Answer #6 | 06/06 2017 12:33
Today's scientists know more than yesterday's scientists and not nearly as much as tomorrows Facts, change, The Bible is book of truths
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Answer #7 | 06/06 2017 12:17
Not the "people", no. But the God who created the universe and influenced the Bible's authorship, yes.
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Answer #8 | 06/06 2017 12:08
No, of course not. The Bible is not a book of science, however where it does touch on science matters it is very accurate !
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Answer #9 | 06/06 2017 12:13
The Bible has insights into the human condition that are as applicable today as they were then. I wouldn't take the Bible as a science textbook.
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Answer #10 | 06/06 2017 12:45
No, they wouldn't and didn't. The early writers clearly thought that the sky was a dome over a flat earth and that the sun, moon and stars were fixed in the dome. Heaven was past the dome.
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Answer #11 | 06/06 2017 12:03
I wasn't aware that the bible was written to answer all the questions about the universe.
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Answer #12 | 06/06 2017 12:20
They were philosophers who subscribed to the notion that everything in the universe was created deliberately for our benefit. They saw how humans had domesticated animals and mastered crops, and those both predated the written word. Thus they assumed that was simply how things had always been. You can't blame them for drawing faulty conclusions. They didn't have all the facts that we do now.
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Answer #13 | 06/06 2017 12:35
No, they were not even close. However it is alarming that some are so dim as to reject proven science in favour of the rubbish in that book.
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Answer #14 | 06/06 2017 12:04
the chineese
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Answer #15 | 06/06 2017 12:44
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Answer #16 | 06/06 2017 12:08
By belief in a true God yes
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Answer #17 | 06/06 2017 12:12
the story the old testament genesis, is a story handed done from antiquity concerning an ancient civilization that survived the catastrophe of 12,900 years ago, they rebuilt after the earth flood settled, the brought the moon into orbit incase there would another comet strike they could evacutate, the left for mars before but returned to earth, most of them, the settled the planet again in Ur and Eridu, created us in eton about 10,000 years ago to help them mine gold as the ice melted sea levels rose about 300 feet they decided to leave us about 6000 years ago when another flood calamity occurred when the south ice cap slipped, some stayed here on earth with us to watch and see who survived among us and they gave us NOAH, MOSES, etc help from time to time.
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Answer #18 | 06/06 2017 12:16
No. They didn't know about the universe in the least. That's why they thought the sky was a canopy with windows in it and the Earth was held up by pillars.
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