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  • Would appreciate some advice?


Answer #1 | 17/01 2014 21:24
You don't necessarily have to come off as insecure when having a conversation about his past. You both are in a relationship now that means creating trust. Ask him how he feels about her now and that you understand she was apart of his life at one point.. If he hurts still. Tell him you understand everyone has a past and you are here now to be a shoulder, friend, girlfriend and he can tell you anything without having to carry the heavy weight on his own anymore. Trust is earned and it grows that you are here to grow with him... it's important to you to talk about this girl that was in his life and if he is ok now. Now even if it hurts you or not let him feel like he can tell you the honest truth and take it like a woman.. He is with YOU. If easier to show that you are hurt, insecure, jealous.. but to pick yourself up slap your face and tell yourself you are beautiful, strong, and respect yourself.. is a lot more difficult. In time your jealously will fade.. but for now keep it to yourself. Think about if he showed he was insecure.. would that be attractive to you? You will see how beautiful you are in time.. but for now don't show it around him. Vent to the ppl you are close with. it might take time for him to open up but it's important to know where he stands in your relationship before things get more serious and hurt more. Be strong I will pray for you!

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