Would a woman find this extremely romantic?

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  • Would a woman find this extremely romantic?


Answer #1 | 28/12 2013 22:59
It is chivalrous of him. Women like the old-fashioned stuff. Answer mine:
Answer #2 | 28/12 2013 22:59
Answer #3 | 28/12 2013 23:02
My boyfriend sometimes does stuff like this. Most of the time actually. It's very sweet and makes me love him even more. It makes me think he will do anything for me to be happy and it makes me want to do the same for him.
Answer #4 | 28/12 2013 23:07
Some may, one a first date until about the fourth date. I would hold off or at least talk about it first. Some could take it wrong. A lot of men think and treat women like meat and less then a person. So have to understand that and make sure your both on the same page. After knowing some one a few dates yes it would be nice. First date was a mans last date when he tried getting a hold of my hand before I was ready.
Answer #5 | 28/12 2013 23:12
Yea thad be really sweet

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