with whom do you like going on a long drive in the evening?

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  • with whom do you like going on a long drive in the evening?


Answer #1 | 24/02 2008 07:26
I hate going on long drives, they make me sleepy. But if I had to go, I'd like to go with my husband. He watches out so that I don't nod off while driving. Most of all, I'm so glad to see someone properly using "whom" in a sentence! I was starting to believe the word had gone extinct, I hadn't seen it in so long.
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Answer #2 | 24/02 2008 17:34
my hubby and the dogs
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Answer #3 | 24/02 2008 05:31
Just me and my dog.
Answer #4 | 27/02 2008 08:55
My man... without a doubt.... on his big black cruiser bike. .... just me with my arm wrapped around his waist,, kissing the back of his neck as he touches my leg and reminds me to lean the right way.
Answer #5 | 24/02 2008 05:48
With these gas prices? Yeah right!
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Answer #6 | 24/02 2008 04:42
My girlfriend
Answer #7 | 24/02 2008 16:29
I have a 16 yr old who is ADHD. every night we go for a long ride, this is one way for her to just relax and shut down for the night. We talk, sing along together with the radio and just have some nice mom daughter time together. Sometimes we have to make it a short trip because of the cost of gas, but for the most part we drive around for about 30 to 40 minutes, no place to go but anywhere we want.

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