will someone please interpret this poem for me?

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  • will someone please interpret this poem for me?


Answer #1 | 22/12 2013 10:40
To me it seems to be about thread-crust knee-cliffs. Ok to be honest when I read it, I get the impression of a man who is feeling loss, and possibly the feeling of loss one gets when they let the one they love get away. It's my own personal interpretation, it's open ended, someone else might feel it spoke to them of a completely different story. What story does this poem tell you?
Answer #2 | 22/12 2013 10:56
he must be remembering the past of his own culture.It sounds Native Indian. Then he starts to roam free and let his imagination run wild. At the end toys that are left in the sandbox are often lonely and forgotten. It is also a cold imagery. So maybe that is how he felt when he did let those memories and imagination to stop.

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