Will I need to buy a CPU cooler from this build?

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  • Will I need to buy a CPU cooler from this build?


Answer #1 | 23/01 2017 07:05
1) An FX-4300 retail box comes with a CPU cooler. If not overclocking, or in mild overclock, it works. 2) AMD FX series is better in non-gaming than gaming. Most games do not perform well compared to Intel CPUs. Also, the only upgrade is a CPU with more cores, that also is not a great upgrade. You should check your preferred games for their CPU performance: 3) Build does not show Windows operating system or shipping. 4) Sale prices change weekly, and new releases occur. We await AMD Ryzen release. The pre-overclock FX-4350 with better CPU cooler is only $4 more than the base FX-4300 today. You do much better by learning about parts and making your own list. Happens to show the lowest quality power supply sold with an EVGA sticker. price is about $400 plus Windows 5) If trying to be in the $400 price point, the best and easiest deal is buying a USED 2 or 3rd Generation Quad core i5 PC at Newegg or other sellers assuring a full width computer case with standard ATX power supply included and adding either RX 460 or GTX 1050 75 watts maximum with no 6pin PCI power connect required at $210 to $300 for the PC WITH WINDOWS INCLUDED. Your choice to upgrade power supply or rebuild into a new computer case USB2 front panel to match.,380,377&sort=a8&page=1,5,4,2,1&W=400,2000 I haven't checked the power supply, but: $265 today, HP Desktop Computer 8300 Intel Core i5 3rd Gen 3470 (3.20 GHz) 8 GB 1 TB HDD Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit refurb. If the power supply is good enough, you add the GTX 1050 for $110 and come in at $375, with Win 10 Pro, for a stronger PC But as asked, yes, it includes a cheap CPU cooler. The list shown at the site is not the best gaming PC at the price.
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Answer #2 | 23/01 2017 07:01
no, the cpu comes with one but 880k or 860k cpu are both faster than a fx-4300 and cheaper
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