Will i gain weight , i ate 1500 today?

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  • Will i gain weight , i ate 1500 today?


Answer #1 | 29/12 2013 23:18
No u shouldn't gain weight at all! I too kinda hav an eatin disorder, but eat more thn the average anorexic. Its because ppl burn a lot more thn they think! c: Im 5'2 and 87 pounds and if i sat in bed all day id still burn 1500 calories! Plus the taller u are and more u weigh, the more cals youll burn, so actually the day u ate 1500 u probly lost some weight! 3000 cals is a kinda a lot, but its okay to slip up evry now and then :3 (we all do it even model-thin-barbie-dolls) The day u ate a lot less probly made up for it, but u gotta make sure ur not slowing down ur metabolism (easily fixed by green tea n things) But overall i think u shuld be fine! Either u maintained or lost is my bet, but theres no wat to kno for sure until u step on the scale :3 (Tho rmmbr, ur weight does fluctuate 2 pounds a day) Hope this helped a little(:
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Answer #2 | 01/01 2014 21:11
No never gain weight, Because 1500 calories is less for your body, In a health survey we found that minimum 2000 calories is required for daily base. So if we want to increase your health then take food proper..
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