Will I be able to notice HD sound with a moderate/cheap 5.1 surround system?

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  • Will I be able to notice HD sound with a moderate/cheap 5.1 surround system?


Answer #1 | 19/12 2013 20:17
I've got to be really honest with you here. That Onkyo system is a really good direction to go over a really low grade packaged system - but you are not going to be getting a major upgrade. The key shortcoming is the speakers, which is where Onkyo cut corners to get that price down. If you can possibly manage to buy a 5.1 receiver and gradually add and upgrade speakers, you will so very far ahead. I feel money would be better spent on an entry 5.1 receiver (the grade of receiver Onkyo bundles in that system) and just 2 decent speakers for the front and a modest pair for the rear for now. The used market is overflowing will full range speakers that will reduce the need for a subwoofer for now. The nice thing about big old used speakers is that you can flip them at no loss in value when you upgrade.
Answer #2 | 19/12 2013 22:03
You have correctly brought up the point that the speakers are the most important part of sound reproduction. Unless your speakers and amps are 'sensitive' enough, you will not notice any improvement in sound playing the un-compressed track from a BluRay movie over the DD 5.1 track. According to some friends who work in the sound engineering business, many of the "HD" tracks are simply the 5.1 track recorded at a slightly higher average volume. When a customer does a A/B listening test, they like the HD track because "louder" is perceived as 'better'. In some cases for high end movies like "The Dark Knight" - the studio did pay for re-mastering the HD track. But without audiophile grade speakers, most people wont perceive the improvement.

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