Will hiccup and astrid get married?

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  • Will hiccup and astrid get married?


anonymous | 14/06 2014 17:54
Yes they should
Positive: 56.666666666667 %
Anonymous759897 | 27/05 2018 22:53
I think that they would by movie 3 that's coming out next year
Positive: 62.5 %
W.E. Smith | 22/06 2014 19:21
Just saw "Dragons 2," and I'd like to believe it will happen. But Hollywood has given us some rather twisted and unexpected endings recently, (exp. "Frozen" and "Maleficent"), where something totally weird happens. I'm hoping that we'll find a "happily ever after" and that it doesn't end in tragedy. I'd much rather see an ending that is more like "Tangled" and not like "Titanic."
Positive: 60.869565217391 %
jon snow | 01/09 2014 17:19
I hope so the actress is fit
Positive: 54.166666666667 %

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