will a v10 supercharged engine fit in a boxster?

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  • will a v10 supercharged engine fit in a boxster?


Answer #1 | 17/11 2013 19:32
well, tell us the size of the engine at least, but I doubt it
Answer #2 | 17/11 2013 19:58
Hahahahahahahahaha!!! The answer is NO, definitely NOT. You don't really know anything about cars, do ya??
Answer #3 | 18/11 2013 16:40
Not without a great deal of time and money.
Answer #4 | 19/11 2013 18:08
The Boxster engine barely fits in the Boxster. With enough time, money and skill you can put an F-16 engine in there if you want, but you'll be doing a lot of chopping, fabrication and probably end up with some kind of lethal FrankenPorsche. This sounds like a very bad idea. Get a Boxster S and supercharge it.
Answer #5 | 21/11 2013 14:05
not successfully. because once the motor is in you will need a transaxle to cope with the dramatic increase in power. not to mention the cast iron v10's weight. then there's the wiring to make the engine run. brake upgrades. suspention and handling issues, not worth the time invested.

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