Will a jack Russell and a chow get along?

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  • Will a jack Russell and a chow get along?


Andreas | 13/04 2014 08:23
I have found that when the larger dog breed pup is introduced to the adult smaller breed, it makes things a little easier. However these dogs have clashing personalities, one being a very lazy breed (chow) and the other being hyper active, this will result in the jack wanting to play frequently and the chow will often not be in the same mood. Constant supervision is necessary and conflict should be dealt with in a calm but stern manner. The dogs will pick up your energy and if you are stressed or nervous, it could intensify any aggression. However, once they do get along I find that they create a balance for one another, since the jack will keep the chow active and the chow's calm demeanor rubs off on the jack (especially during walks etc.). The best thing to do is to always ensure that your dogs are socialized from a young age, and that is really the best advice you'll ever get.
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