why would people protest against horse meat but eat whale meat if given a chance?

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  • why would people protest against horse meat but eat whale meat if given a chance?


Answer #1 | 14/05 2011 20:13
Ive had horse steak and it was good
Answer #2 | 14/05 2011 22:02
Because they were to busy eating narwhal.
Answer #3 | 14/05 2011 23:58
I wouldnt eat intentionally eat horse meat, but i might try whale (most likely not) mainly because i picture a horse as a pet. i wouldnt eat dog, cat or parakeet either. i had a chicken that i considered my pet once, and i refused to eat him. i think in other cultures they see dogs or cats as livestock same as we view cows and chickens but i still wouldnt eat dog or cat....
Answer #4 | 15/05 2011 08:00
Horse is pretty common on menus here In Italy (and other parts of Europe); it's a specialty in the area around Mantova. Of the four closest butchers to my first apartment, three specialized in horse meat. However, people where I live in Colorado raise horses and treat them as companion animals rather than food products. People don't have the same relationship to whales. However, I think you would find many people that would protest either horse or whale in many parts of the world.
Answer #5 | 15/05 2011 08:56
I think it's because people are closer with horses and are seen as pets and never seen as a threatening animal. When it comes to whales no one has one as a pet, they are gigantic so they are seen as a very threatening animal. People think that they are doing everybody a favor by killing and eating whales.
Answer #6 | 15/05 2011 08:37

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