Why would it take 3 days for a Ford Dealer to get a water pump?

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  • Why would it take 3 days for a Ford Dealer to get a water pump?


Answer #1 | 11/04 2017 11:26
It's better to ask them.
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Answer #2 | 10/04 2017 15:14
because it wasn'tavailable
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Answer #3 | 10/04 2017 15:37
Water Pump Replacement costs between $119-$1002 on average. Get an instant estimate for your car. ... How much does Water Pump Replacement cost? ... Service, YourMechanic Price, Shop/Dealer Price ... Water Pump Replacement for 2012 Ford Explorer L4-2.0L Turbo, YourMechanic Price$159.11, Shop/Dealer ...
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Answer #4 | 12/04 2017 22:43
3 days is better than on intergalactic backorder or just plain discontinued.
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Answer #5 | 12/04 2017 21:44
Because you chose the wrong Dealer to purchase your vehicle.
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Answer #6 | 10/04 2017 16:15
Because if there has been a run on them due to design failure there are not many left and they need to be located and shipped to the dealer. I'd make sure to ask if the water pump is being redesigned and if there will be a recall in the future. They may only replace your water pump with what went in it from the factory.
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Answer #7 | 10/04 2017 15:04
They might not have it in stock. They may have to order it from another sate and organise for it to be sent out. The courier then has to deliver to your local Ford dealer and all this has to happen before your Ford dealer can even start working on your car. So 3 days is a very reasonable timeframe.
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Answer #8 | 10/04 2017 20:30
There are only so many water pumps available to service so many Fords.
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Answer #9 | 11/04 2017 09:29
Hi yes most likely given the way a car is built by fords. not as some image at all. so what ever comes to hand when building a car is fitted so it could come from as many as 12 makers of the water pump they fit on this engine. Now if it is an F series truck which is not actually a FORD it is a MAZDA truck fitted engine. soothe spare water pump might need to sent by air mail from japan.
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Answer #10 | 10/04 2017 14:59
because they might have to order it from another state or it might have to be built because there aren't any in stock.
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Answer #11 | 10/04 2017 16:58
Because they are a typical American company solely focused on sales and have no interest in customer service. They love to put on an act but they are uninterested in you after you give them your're just a little pest
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Answer #12 | 10/04 2017 18:01
maybe a common part, but, I have not needed to change a water pump in more than 25 years, and I keep cars for around 200K dealerships usually are not working on 10 year old cars, so, they most likely do not see many water pump failures
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Answer #13 | 15/04 2017 21:41
3 days is better than on intergalactic backorder or just plain discontinued...
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Answer #14 | 10/04 2017 18:37
it will come not from stock as odds are nut a fast shifting item and are expensive to stock for low volume sales. so central hub will ship to main dealer on next available scheduled goods /parts drop. some areas can have a next day delivery service but much depends on distance to distribution hub and time frame for delivery . far too many various parts available to expect any dealer to hold a full stock as would run into tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of stock sitting in shelves . earning nothing and costing for stock checking and storing etc. overall unless an nomal service item such as air filter . plugs? then one has to wait. I was offered a replacement alternator for my Kuga in 7 days ( no stock again) or can have next day fitted with brand new at twice the price ! ( most Ford sales stock ( exceptions such as small items .glass etc) consists of refurbished or 'seconds' and not brand new . though will act same and get same warranty .
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Answer #15 | 11/04 2017 05:48
Don't know why
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Answer #16 | 11/04 2017 01:53
There was a recall on Fords to address an overheating issue. There are 230,000 customers ahead of you.
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Answer #17 | 16/04 2017 14:33
Dealers don't keep many parts in stock, because have to pay for them up front and they don't know when or if they will sell it, so it just chews up the cash flow. dealers exist to sell cars and service them. If they need to make repairs they rely on a wholesaler having it in stock. Day 1 they place the order on the wholesaler, day 2 the wholesaler posts out the part, day 3 the dealer receives it. If the wholesaler doesn't have the part, they can order from the factory and it may take even longer...
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Answer #18 | 11/04 2017 22:38
Distance involved. Vintage of part. Imagine how long it would take to get an OEM part from 1967 to a village in far-north Alaska. Just be happy you're doing this in America. In so may other places around the world, fixing old cars is very difficult.
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Answer #19 | 11/04 2017 00:53
They use a Model T Ford from 1920 to get it.
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Answer #20 | 12/04 2017 15:34
If you expect your local Ford dealer to keep EVERY part for EVERY Ford automobile ever made, they would need a warehouse as big as a small city, and it would take 3 days just to FIND the specific part that is needed for YOUR car. Three days is NOT an unreasonable time to wait for a delivery from a warehouse on the other side of the country.
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Answer #21 | 10/04 2017 15:21
They don't have the part and they're not going to use expedited shipping unless you're willing to pay for it. They're likely just adding it to the next parts shipment that your local dealership is normally getting. UPDATE ANSWER: It's a pretty common part, but how many Ford models are out there right now? Not just this year's, but previous years as well. Just doing a search at Autozone for Ford Water Pump gives me 31 pages with 12 different pumps per page. 372 different pumps. That's a lot of space needed. Better to only bring in the ones that are the most common and order the others as needed form the MUCH larger Parts Depot.
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Answer #22 | 10/04 2017 15:19
Out of stock at main distribution point OR ordering over a weekend when distribution centre is closed on weekends OR not deemed an emergency so waiting for regular scheduled delivery of part to dealer from distribution centre OR not deemed an emergency so ordered along with other parts some days later for regular, possibly weekly routine main order thus saving on delivery costs. OR a mistake n not placing order OR something else I cannot think of
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Answer #23 | 14/04 2017 07:20
there are only so numerous water pumps available to service so numerous fords...
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Answer #24 | 11/04 2017 00:02
it has to ship across the ocean
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Answer #25 | 12/04 2017 06:09
I had a front strut start leaking oil on my 2009 Acura TL. Unusual as it sounds, there was not one to be had in California. The dealer had to order it from back east! It wasn't a big deal to me because I just kept driving the car until they got the part, but it took 5 days to get here!
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Answer #26 | 16/04 2017 06:31
it's better to ask them...
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Answer #27 | 10/04 2017 19:17
Dealers don't keep any parts in stock. Most repair shops send out for almost all parts. Too many cars and too many models to be able to maintain stock parts.
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Answer #28 | 10/04 2017 16:43
? Maybe because there aren't any available locally. Weekends increase delivery times. You want a rush delivery? be prepared to pay the extra.
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Answer #29 | 23/04 2017 14:56
water pump replacement costs between $119-$1002 on average... get an instant estimate for your car... ......... how much does water pump replacement cost? ......... service, yourmechanic price, shop/dealer price ......... water pump replacement for 2012 ford explorer l4-2...0l turbo, yourmechanic price$159...11, shop/dealer .........
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Answer #30 | 10/04 2017 15:48
Because the Ford dealer isn't the one going without a car while they wait. Depending on the make/model of vehicle you have (assuming it's an older model if the water pump has failed), they may not get that many of them in their shop.
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