Why was mentadent recalled?

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  • Why was mentadent recalled?


Anonymous339325 | 13/07 2017 05:43
There is no reason given from the information available from Arm & Hammer in the open letter at Many theories abound, but they are just that, theories. My theory is that they bought out the rights to it, and want us to buy another product they make. I for one do not like actions like that when the government tries to force that with unreasonable taxes on certain products like New York tried with certain size sodas, and I like it as much when companies do it in an effort to re-direct our purchases towards another product of theirs they would rather we buy, which is not at all. If it were for health issues, then it is likely that they would be leary to say something, which is understandable, but this is not likely the reason, given the amount of public recalls done for just that reason. This recall was from A&H, not the government as far as I can tell and the lack of a reason is telling, imo.
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