why was england relatively slow to explore and settle the new world?

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  • why was england relatively slow to explore and settle the new world?


Answer #1 | 05/09 2009 14:34
Search for Colonialism, then search History of U.K. of G.B. and time period between 1550 and 1700. Also, you must remember that France and the Netherlands fought with the UK, and Spain and Portugal, although weakened, were still nations to contend with.
Answer #2 | 05/09 2009 15:14
I will give you a few answers that may help you. England was relatively slow to explore and settle the new world because the monarchy, or ruler of England at the time didn't want to spend the money to outfit the ships necessary to make a voyage to the new world. Another reason is that when the idea of exploring and settling the new world was being thought about by explorers and the monarchy, there was both opposition and support for the exploration and settling to continue, and it took time for the explorers to gain the trust of the monarchy that the voyage can be completed successfully and without the loss of the ships that would be undertaking the voyage. Another reason is that the explorers knew that there were problems with the crew on board the ships getting sick and the explorers needed more time to find people who were healthy enough to make such a voyage. Another reason is that it took more time than was thought at first to build the ships that were to make the voyage. These are a few reasons that you may want to consider, and with these, and others that other people may list, you may have enough material to have an answer that is 7 to 10 sentences long and you can begin putting the answers into your own words in such a way that the teacher will read it and think it is an original answer. All you need to worry about is if the teacher asks where you got the information. So with that in mind, you may want to do some reading in books where the answers can be corroborated by you referencing the books as part of your answer. This way the teacher will know whether you went on the internet to find your answer or did you do your own research to determine the answer. Teachers are aware that students go to the internet for answers and they try to encourage individual research and reading of books as a tool so that critical thinking with corroboration can be exercised to get the students to think creatively and exercise their minds rather than just putting down answers based on what someone wrote for them on the internet. I suspect that your teacher will be able to see right through your writing that you copied from the internet if you didn't write the names of your sources from books that you read to arrive at the answers you put down. Do you want an A or a C on your answer? You stand a better chance of receiving an A were you to write your sources from books that your read rather than just putting down the answers others have written for you from this site or any other sites on the internet. Good luck to you and your pursuit of education. You can do the best work if you are honest with yourself and use your ability to write a clear and concise answer based on corroborated information.
Answer #3 | 05/09 2009 20:23
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