Why Pondicherry is called a 'colony'?

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  • Why Pondicherry is called a 'colony'?


Answer #1 | 01/10 2006 13:00
Pondicherry was ruled by the French.The Britons who were the rulers of most part India didn't call themselves a colonial power.According to them the French were colonialists and thus, Pondicherry was a colony!
Answer #2 | 02/10 2006 03:53
Pondicherry was ruled by the French and like India and Sri Lanka were colonies of Britain , similarly Pondicherry was a colony of France.
Answer #3 | 02/10 2006 09:46
well during the pre indipendence period as u know india was ruled by the british and pondicherry was ruled by the french and since the british thought of the french they may have named it colony and also in pondicherry ther are mainly straigt rods like a colony .

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