why isnt there a starbucks in italy?!?! i find it very annoying!?

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  • why isnt there a starbucks in italy?!?! i find it very annoying!?


Answer #1 | 16/08 2006 08:14
Because Italy actually has great coffee & coffee places without chains talking over & putting them out of business
Positive: 100 %
Answer #2 | 15/08 2006 07:00
the italians have real, much nicer coffee places than starbucks, go to a traditional one
Answer #3 | 15/08 2006 07:09
You are either joking or mad.
Answer #4 | 15/08 2006 07:04
Maybe because Italians prefer GOOD coffee??? Just a thought.
Answer #5 | 15/08 2006 07:00
because italy is the home of real coffee... if you are in italy you should be running as far away from starbucks' burnt oil water as you can, go taste a real espresso or cappucino...
Answer #6 | 15/08 2006 07:00
Must be incredibly annoying not to have the chance to pay vast sums for a cup of coffee, yes. In Italy you have some of the best cafes and coffee shops in the world - why do you want an American conglomerate to come and steal your culture????
Answer #7 | 15/08 2006 07:02
Starbucks is an American company stealing Italian products...
Answer #8 | 15/08 2006 07:33
I just have to laugh at you and agree with everyone else.
Answer #9 | 15/08 2006 07:35
Oh my goodness. You are in a country where coffee is a delicacy so the choices are incredible. You are in one of the last places in the world that you would need a Starbucks... I can't believe you - I should be in Italy, not you.
Answer #10 | 16/08 2006 13:42
I think Starbucks is OK for the States,but why don't you just enjoy your coffee in a nice little cafe when you are in Italy?
Answer #11 | 16/08 2006 12:48
why are so many people all so craxy obsessed with starbucks?
Answer #12 | 16/08 2006 11:25
well...if you are so brave to call it coffee... in Italy we call it "dirty water"... try to keep open your mind please!
Answer #13 | 15/08 2006 20:58
Well then stay at home. Really if your going to vist Italy you must realize that you are in different country. There is nothing worst than a morning yank abroad going on about well we got this and that back home. If that the case stay there then
Answer #14 | 16/08 2006 06:14
Italy does have the same coffee beans as Americans. Peace.

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