Why is u cracka @ss mayonnaise monkeys so ignant?

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  • Why is u cracka @ss mayonnaise monkeys so ignant?


Answer #1 | 12/02 2017 08:25
Them is mad they dont gots no melatonin!
Answer #2 | 12/02 2017 08:26
Is you is or is you not my constituents?
Answer #3 | 12/02 2017 08:24
Speak English.
Answer #4 | 12/02 2017 08:50
Ok angry middle aged white guy pretending to be black.
Answer #5 | 12/02 2017 08:26
Nice try white supremacist pretending to be black. The giveaway is you all trying so hard to make us believe you're black by saying outdated 1970's corny lines that you think black people use but don't. Failed

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