Why is this student IEP score getting lower???

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  • Why is this student IEP score getting lower???


Answer #1 | 20/12 2013 14:03
First of all, she's an adolescence and this should be considered in with the testing. Next, this child might not be getting enough services so she can learn the tools she needs to stay on topic. Schools are under very tight financial pressure. They can't afford to hire more teachers to service all the IEP needs. Each teacher can be only scheduled for so many hours to service students; about 30 hrs. per wk. As IEP students move forward in grades the administration has a tendency to shorten service hours to free up the Sped Teacher's time in favor to students in lower grades. Prioritizing younger student for early intervention.
Answer #2 | 20/12 2013 17:34
Sometimes students with learning disabilities can get overwhelmed with test taking. As I remember being a student with learning disability I didn't know the answers so I gave up. I just filled in the circles and gave any answer the test taker wanted to know. Also- this student may have not had a good nights sleep the night before or be hungry. Sometimes when you are stuck in a room for hours at a time, your blood sugar drops and your mind does not think clearly. When I was an elementary student I was in a small closet room being tested for my IQ tests. The lady would not let me out side for recess, or take a small break to eat a snack. I was lucky if she gave me 20 minutes to eat my lunch for the day.

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