Why is the Aquarius cusp Pisces the most confusing, emotional cusp in the zodiac (it's as if I'm in a tug of war with my emotions)?

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  • Why is the Aquarius cusp Pisces the most confusing, emotional cusp in the zodiac (it's as if I'm in a tug of war with my emotions)?


Answer #1 | 12/02 2017 15:36
How many days is a cusp? Lots of people here say there are no such things for star signs. Having to pay attention to two signs must be a pain. Why can't astrology experts be on the same page? @GB Didn't know reality was viable for astrology. Show astrology works and how it works. As for an 'expert' please tell me what the criteria is for astrology? Any website or author that I find? Here is one.
Answer #2 | 12/02 2017 15:34
Cusp don't exist its just commercial astrology!
Answer #3 | 12/02 2017 19:02
Cusps are not real astrology. They are just an attempt by commercial writers to make up for possible inaccuracy in finding what sign you ARE. Let me explain. Your "zodiac sign" is actually ONLY the sign that Sun appeared to be moving through when you were born. Our calendar matches Earth's orbit around the Sun, and where Sun appears to be depends on where Earth is in her orbit. BUT our calendar is shorter by 1/4 of a day, than Earth's actual orbit. This is why we have Leap Year to readjust the calendar. BUT FOR ASTROLOGY .. this means that SOME years Sun leaves Aquarius and enters Pisces sometime during February 18th .. and OTHER years it makes this change sometime on the 19th. So for someone born on either Feb 18th or 19th, you cannot find your Sun sign by looking up your birthdate on a list. You must do up your personal unique birthchart (several websites do these for free) based on the day-mo-yr you were born, the EXACT moment of clock time you were born (hour and min) and your birthplace. Since most people don't even KNOW about this, and since the writers figure you probably don't know either .. they just make up "cusps" and tell you that you are BOTH signs. In other words, Sun was in two places at the same time when you were born. Absolute nonsense. FOR YOU and your tug of war with your emotions: Sun is your conscious you .. your ne3ed to like yourself. MOON (which could be in ANY of the 12 zodiac signs) is your EMOTION nature. And probably NOT in the same sign/style your Sun is in. MOST people have some inner conflict between their conscious Sun and their unconscious emotional Moon. And if their Sun and Moon are between 82 and 98 degrees apart (a square "aspect") or 172 and 188 degrees apart (an opposition "aspect"), then there is a strong conflict/discord between your conscious self and your emotional self. The purpose of astrology is not to explain or predict . .it does a poor job at these. What it DOES well is to help you look inward, so that you can learn how you operate the then grow and transform yourself so that you are more effective and are happier. So .. if you want anything useful from astrology, forget about Sun signs. They are not real astrology . .they are just a commercial gimmick to make money from writing for people who don't know any better. Do up YOUR birthchart once you have your birthdata. I recommend either or Any red lines connecting any of your 10 planets with each other will be either a square or an opposition aspect and show internal conflict (blue or green lines show internal cooperation/harmony between the various needs which the planets represent).
Answer #4 | 12/02 2017 18:36
"How many days is a cusp?" Why not 5; no make it 6, or no, why not 10 days? Zodiac signs are not the same as constellations. If you're going to use cusps then at least you should maybe use which "constellations" the planets are actually in, then maybe you have a case for cusps but no way can you use cusps for zodiac signs as they are not the same. Zodiac signs are each made up of 30 degrees per sign and as there are 12 of them that makes 360 degrees for the complete zodiac. It's all man made to fit into a circle but the constellations are nothing like this. The Sun only takes 16 days to pass thru' Scorpio but it takes 48 days to pass thru' Virgo etc. etc. There are definite cut off points between the "signs" though when in reality the Sun may actually be in the sign of Virgo when in fact in the birth chart it's in Libra eg, so what is the point in changing things further. Your Sun may be in Aquarius but maybe your Moon is in Pisces, or in aspect to Neptune; or maybe your Mercury is in Pisces.

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