Why is pork bad for you?

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  • Why is pork bad for you?


Answer #1 | 03/01 2009 18:34
pigs are fat.
Answer #2 | 03/01 2009 18:39
Pigs in the old world carried a parasite called trichinosis. Unless it was carefully cooked it could cause illness. So it was a simple fact that swine were not consumed. Making it something forbidden was easier. Peoples of that era didn't know the cause of the illness except when they ate pork they got sick.Pig raised in farms now don't have that problem.
Answer #3 | 03/01 2009 18:56
Pork when properly prepared is not bad for you and the bible doesn't prohibit the eating of pork the old testament prohibits the eating of animals with a cloven hoof because they are unclean. When pork is not prepared properly cooked thoroughly you can get tapeworms and trichinosis. With modern cooking techniques there are few problems with pork. And pork itself isn't salty it is when it is turned into bacon or ham that it is brined and salted.
Answer #4 | 04/01 2009 03:22
pork has fats
Answer #5 | 06/01 2009 16:50
It's worse for the pig than it is for you
Answer #6 | 04/01 2009 10:25
because it has a high amount of parasites in it. cooked properly it is ok...but under cook it and u may be ill..

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