Why have events in history been forgotten?

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  • Why have events in history been forgotten?


Answer #1 | 07/01 2017 18:15
Well, see, that's the problem: if an event has been forgotten, then nobody knows it ever occurred, and so we can't say with certainty that anything has been forgotten.
Answer #2 | 07/01 2017 17:41
because there are better things to do in life
Answer #3 | 07/01 2017 17:44
Because there were no cameras and recorders at that time.
Answer #4 | 07/01 2017 17:46
Because the ruling junta writes, and rewrites, the history books so history gets changed, modified, exaggerated, made more palatable or heinous, until eventually what actually occurred is lost completely.
Answer #5 | 07/01 2017 17:43
the truth hurts it won't happen to me I can do it Julius Caesar
Answer #6 | 07/01 2017 17:41
Because history is boring
Answer #7 | 08/01 2017 07:47
Not Forgotten Just denied
Answer #8 | 07/01 2017 19:22
Those who forget history are DOOMED to repeat it ! A wise saying which is often forgotten.
Answer #9 | 08/01 2017 02:30
Why suffer in mind about evil incidents.
Answer #10 | 08/01 2017 04:19
Because it is impossible for the human brain to recount every event in history every single second of every day. However as mentioned by another user had events in history been forgotten no one today would know about them. The medical revolution, and the discovery of penicillin is not an event in history that people remember off the top of their head however there was actually a time in history where medicine wasn't as great as it is today, that is an event in history that people don't remember all the time, but it happened. M
Answer #11 | 09/01 2017 03:59
History is arguably one of the most important fields of knowledge, closely following science. Without history, we would not have the knowledge of other academic fields.
Answer #12 | 08/01 2017 22:46
Because Obama has forced education text book producers to leave a lot of it out and only force the influence of Muslims......causing many to ask questions about what REALLY happened.

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