why doesnt anyone believe in teen love? ?

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  • why doesnt anyone believe in teen love? ?


Answer #1 | 03/12 2008 10:29
ppl are crazy!!!!
Answer #2 | 03/12 2008 10:47
you are under the food section so it has nothing to do with food
Answer #3 | 03/12 2008 10:44
Are you going to be Absolutely in love with him in 5 or 10 years? Is he going to change in the next couple years? Maybe he's perfect now but what about in 5 years? What job is he going to have? Will the job support you and the kids? Will you be ok going through college with him? The loans? The debt? Think about these questions then give them to him. Hope it helps!!!
Answer #4 | 03/12 2008 10:34
ughh idk. im even younger, and people just laugh when i say "i love him".. just try your hardest to convince them . theyll come around. =]
Answer #5 | 03/12 2008 11:07
trust me i moved in with my x at 16 and it was great until i picked up the mattress and found letters from other gurls that he "loved" now im older and the man i want 2 love cant stand me because im so jealous and scared when i clean under the mattress im gonna find the same !! teen love is terrible dont fall victim
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Answer #6 | 03/12 2008 11:07
This question belongs under a different topic. You may get more responses if you do so.
Answer #7 | 03/12 2008 10:37
Because 9 times out of 10 teen love doesnt last. As you get older your priorities change. I believe in you can be in love as a teen but I also feel you need to try to be with more than one person in your lifetime. Everyone you are with will teach you things and you will learn what you want and dont want through them. Adults know what they are talking about because they have been there and dont want you to make the same mistakes they did. Hope things work out but if not take it as a experience and regret nothing.
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Answer #8 | 03/12 2008 13:54
eh people get jaded but dont letem getcha down i married my hubby at 19 we fell in love at 17 and now weve been married for 9 years this last halloween i have an uncle who married for the first time at 35 that was 10 years ago and he has been married 3 times since
Answer #9 | 03/12 2008 11:27
lol it doesnt matter how old you are. My mom met my dad when she was 14 ( i kno thts young ) and they are still together and prob will always be. Just dont listen to them, if you love him then you love him no matter how old you are. Good luck to you and ur fiancé x
Answer #10 | 03/12 2008 11:18
SO, what's your food question?
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