Why doesn't anyone answer my f***ing questions?

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  • Why doesn't anyone answer my f***ing questions?


Answer #1 | 12/12 2016 16:14
Becuase you have a F****ing bad attitude
Answer #2 | 12/12 2016 15:27
Cause potty mouths don't get presents they get coal.
Answer #3 | 12/12 2016 15:22
All your questions are about your medical health and pregnancy ....and I highly doubt there are any MD's or OB/GYN's on here so go see your own doctor for medical advice.
Answer #4 | 12/12 2016 15:23
Because all you seem to post is constant "pity me" type questions over and over. Needy people shouldn't be given extra attention for that type of thing. They only come back for more when you do.
Answer #5 | 12/12 2016 15:31
A combination of your attitude and the quality of your questions. Suggestion, if you are so worried about the possibility of having and STD and/or being pregnant, see a doctor.
Answer #6 | 12/12 2016 15:57
Recent times, I more wonder why people ask questions, go through the effort of answering and even two year old questions, no one give the courtesy of acknowledging that effort or selecting a best answer. You are going to find troll questions or just plain idiocy just irritates members. Not what YA is about. Perhaps your questions are of the sort you are expecting answers only someone else can answer. Lots of those in 'pets' , like what is wrong with my dog? well, a vet after examining your dog could answer that. You ask a legitimate question, it deserves a legitimate answer, but people here may knot know everything. I have my accrued knowledge, but don't waste time answering questions I am not qualified to answer.
Answer #7 | 12/12 2016 15:24
Ill answer em buddy
Answer #8 | 12/12 2016 18:29
Your answers on this site.
Answer #9 | 12/12 2016 18:29
American politics.
Answer #10 | 14/12 2016 08:26
US American labor unionism and the party they finance.
Answer #11 | 12/12 2016 15:17
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Answer #12 | 12/12 2016 15:16
I get this a lot! either your questions are too complex or you've put it down as anonymous. :) Also you don't pick "Best Answers" when you're answering questions so I guess that is another reason why no one wants to answer your questions.

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