Why does ticci Toby wear goggles and a mouth guard? I m new to the creepypasta fandom?

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  • Why does ticci Toby wear goggles and a mouth guard? I m new to the creepypasta fandom?


VVVioletEclipse | 13/03 2018 10:47
Im not sure about the goggles, but he wears his mouth guard because Toby is a cannibal (Yes I know) and he cannot feel pain. So he chewed off his cheek on accident.
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stacylol | 19/06 2017 04:36
Why does ticci Toby wears his goggles and his mouth guard
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Anonymous571063 | 05/05 2018 21:18
his mouth keeps bleeding
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Anonymous331210 | 04/07 2018 00:18
to stop chewing his nails
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Anonymous75074 | 26/10 2019 12:57
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Anonymous499739 | 07/05 2020 23:19
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Anonymous106010 | 07/06 2020 01:04
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