Why does safari keep crashing on my iPad?

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  • Why does safari keep crashing on my iPad?


Answer #1 | 23/12 2013 21:54
Which iPad are you using and what version software are you running? Are the apps you're using when it crashes updated? If you're running the latest software and all apps updated, I would backup the iPad and restore it to factory settings and reload everything back to it from your backup. Sometimes there are things that happen and cannot be answered because a restore to factory settings and reloading your latest backup cures it. I had an issue with an old iPad that kept restarting randomly. Eventually I took it in and they did a restore and I loaded my most recent backup when I got home and everything was solved. I would try checking that everything is updated and if that's correct, restore to factory and reload your backup. It will take a bit of your time, but could alleviate your frustration too.
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