why does anyone want to become a muslim?

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  • why does anyone want to become a muslim?


cognizant-human | 17/11 2018 19:12
All one needs to do to understand Islam is to simply read the Quran and the hadith of Bukhari . Islam is not going to change. Islam demands the enslavement of all mankind to the religion Islam and its god. According to Islam, only kaffir must change to accommodate Islam. View all of Louis Farrakhan ( USA ) hate of Jews and whites. It is all a very sad and horrible trick elitist people who crave power play over all that is, pretending they, themselves, are gods. Political religions in power are nothing more than death sentences to all who disagree with the powerful elite. It is like Socialism and Communism, all evil , but wearing a different name. I recently saw a video of an interview of George Soros , and in it he claimed he is god. We should all take a step backward and look carefully at ourselves and those we allow to lead us. There are more important things than greedily gaining power over this planet , when we don't even control ourselves very well. Follow the Golden Rule
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