why does a woman get drunk faster than a man is it because im paying?

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  • why does a woman get drunk faster than a man is it because im paying?


Answer #1 | 09/05 2006 15:27
body wieght has something to do with it-the bigger the body, the longer it takes to get wasted, generally.
Answer #2 | 09/05 2006 15:33
Women metabolize alcohol differently than men.
Answer #3 | 09/05 2006 15:28
Women are smaller then men, takes less for them to get drunk. Which means, even if you're paying, they should be a cheap date!
Answer #4 | 09/05 2006 15:28
Because a woman usually (hopefully) will weigh less and not drink quite as often. No, it's not because you're paying, besides, if you are the one paying, aren't you glad she gets drunk faster? It saves you money! Maybe you should just try to find a real woman who knows what she's doing and can keep up with you instead of getting drunk and being basically useless the rest of the night.
Answer #5 | 09/05 2006 16:04
weight, metagolism, and body structure. NOT because you're paying!
Answer #6 | 09/05 2006 16:13
women have a lower tolerence for drink because of there chemical make up does burn it off as fast as a mans
Answer #7 | 10/05 2006 20:45
women have a lower alcohol tolerance level.
Answer #8 | 10/05 2006 16:58
Womens heart rates are naturally faster, along with this the womens digestive track is faster, and since women are usually smaller then men, women tend to get drunker, faster
Answer #9 | 10/05 2006 16:19
Shes faking it so she can get in your pants.
Answer #10 | 09/05 2006 19:35
hee hee

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