why do ze germans curry everything??

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  • why do ze germans curry everything??


Answer #1 | 21/10 2006 16:17
LEarn english!
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Answer #2 | 23/10 2006 06:27
I don't know where you eat at....but not all foods in Germany have curry. There is such a thing as Curry-Wurst....which I think is very good....but the German cuisine is very diverse. You may try eating some place ells. I'm from Germany by the please don't insult us like that....that's just plain ignorant.
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Answer #3 | 21/10 2006 06:04
LOL! They don't! Have you been to Germany? Have you been to India? Have you eaten a Hamburger (I mean a REAL one)? Essen im Deutschland ist sehr gut! Ahhh ... I know what you are thinking of! They put curry sauce on meat so they can call it vegetarian!
Answer #4 | 21/10 2006 05:46
I've never heard of this. I thought everything was covered with pickled cabbage. Did'nt know the germans could make curry
Answer #5 | 21/10 2006 09:43
they must like curry i guess
Answer #6 | 21/10 2006 05:43
zay liff wiff za indianz
Answer #7 | 23/10 2006 05:09
do they ?
Answer #8 | 22/10 2006 13:23
Not all Germans do. Some of the wealthier people actually hire others to curry their stuff home for them.
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Answer #9 | 22/10 2006 10:26
Cuz ze BOXHEADS cany cook, well my sis_in_law cant anyway she burnt the house down boiling a egg..... yes she is German!!!

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