Why do women go on and on about childbirth if they can get an epidural?

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  • Why do women go on and on about childbirth if they can get an epidural?


Answer #1 | 23/12 2013 00:30
You gotta remember 'what' is coming out of 'where'. ADVANTAGES TO HAVING AN EPIDURAL: --- It's the most effective form of pain relief during labor. --- Top-ups can usually be given by an experienced midwife once the epidural is in place, meaning no waiting for an anaesthetist. --- You may still be aware of your contractions, and have a clear mind, but you'll feel no pain. --- If you have high blood pressure, it can help to lower it. --- It can be topped up with stronger local anaesthetic if you need an unplanned caesarean. Though having an epidural does not increase your chances of needing a caesarean. DISADVANTAGES OF AN EPIDURAL: --- About one-in-eight women it doesn't work adequately and only numbs parts of their tummy. In this case, extra pain relief will be needed. --- Though it works fairly quickly, it takes about 20 minutes to insert and set up and another 20 minutes to work once the anaesthetic has been injected. This is longer than most other types of pain relief. --- feel cold and shivery, --- cause itching, particularly if you have a combined spinal epidural (CSE), --- fever, --- cannot walk around because of being wobbly, not many hospitals offer true mobile epidurals. --- need to keep varying the position you are sitting or lying in. (helps prevent developing a pressure sore on the numbed area). --- affect your ability to wee (may need a catheter) --- need more monitoring --- your blood pressure may fall. --- more likely to need your labor speeded up with a syntocinon drip. --- the pushing stage, may last longer if you have an epidural. --- chance of your baby needing to be born with the aid of forceps or ventouse.
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Answer #2 | 23/12 2013 00:17
I've never been pregnant, but I can tell you this. You can't get the epidural when you're lying awake at 3am with the worst heartburn and backache you've ever had in your life at the same time. You can't get the epidural when your feet swell to four times their normal size so none of your shoes fit anymore. You can't get the epidural when you get smacked in the bladder by a human the size of an orange. You can't get the epidural if your baby has health issues at the time of delivery. Ask my mom, my brother's heart rate dropped when she went into labor so the epidural would have killed him. You can't get the epidural if you dilate too fast to get one. Ask my mom, I wanted out ASAP. You can't get the epidural if you are terrified of needles. It's a giant needle being plunged into your spine and it doesn't come out for a long time. The epidural doesn't cease the pain. It's not suddenly cotton candy and marshmallows, it's just numbed. You still feel it. You just don't get the stinging pain of your uterus contracting. If you have a wife and she is in labor, don't you even DARE say that she is whining. She has every right to whine. She's about to squeeze a baby out of a 10 centimeter hole in her body. Remember what you learned as a kid about how ovals don't fit into circles? Well women make it happen, and it ain't a comfy process. THAT'S why we go on about childbirth when we can get an epidural.
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Answer #3 | 23/12 2013 00:07
Epidurals only numb you for awhile. You still may hurt afterword's, and sometimes epidurals don't work, some people don't like epidurals because they can't feel where to push, the epidural itself hurts. Plus you can't take the epidural through your entire labor because they don't last that long. Go have a contraction stimulator done and see how birth feels yourself. Also epidurals are very expensive.

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