Why do we (feel the urge to) sleep? Please give detailed explanation!?

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  • Why do we (feel the urge to) sleep? Please give detailed explanation!?


Answer #1 | 11/05 2017 03:13
There are receptors on your brain that gather a hormone that your body produces. Over the course of the day, your body produces this hormone a little at a time, and it attaches to the receptors. Caffeine replaces the hormone on the receptors and keeps you from feeling tired, so your body thinks something is wrong and makes more receptors. So after caffeine your brain has a higher capacity to feel tired. Sorry I don't know the names of the receptors or the hormone, I learned this so long ago that the names faded away.
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Anonymous452418 | 22/08 2017 17:59
Every morning I wake up in within two hours of me waking up I feel like I need to pass out and I really do pass out in the middle of anything for instance yesterday I had gotten about seven hours of sleep and I went to class and I went to the nurses station and I need to sleep I couldn't even answer the questions that's how tired I was I hate feeling like this I feel like I need to sleep you know I got eight hours today instancei'm already tired and I got nine hours sleep
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Answer #3 | 11/05 2017 03:15
because body tells u to shut down an rest if u didnt sleep ud b alover the place like a zombie ok unless u train urself like the military do
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