Why do some restaurants not cut pizzas into slices?

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  • Why do some restaurants not cut pizzas into slices?


Answer #1 | 11/10 2013 06:38
Because some people want to cut it themselves
Answer #2 | 11/10 2013 07:24
My answer would be this:Perhaps it is just not customary in the UK to have it cut. Over here in the U.S. that would be unheard of. Every pizza is cut into slices or cuts (squares) depending on the region of the U.S. one lives in.
Answer #3 | 11/10 2013 07:16
Mmmm i don't know why they don't !! I have never seen such thing ...
Answer #4 | 11/10 2013 07:05
too lazy
Answer #5 | 11/10 2013 06:40
Oh no the horror. If it's a slice they don't't have to cut it. I've never had this problem before because my pizza is usualy always cut.
Answer #6 | 11/10 2013 06:40
Answer #7 | 11/10 2013 07:34
Okay that's ridiculous for a pizza to be served without being sliced into individual pieces.
Answer #8 | 11/10 2013 08:23
bcoz they dont waste tym
Answer #9 | 13/10 2013 23:46
I don't know, it's very rare for pizza to be served cut in restaurants in the UK. In fact I can't think of a single place that does it! I've never really thought about it before. I'd expect to see it for takeaway pizza but not in a restaurant. I think it's because it's customary to eat pizza in a restaurant with a knife and fork (they give you a sharper knife, like a steak knife to cut through the crust) whereas you'd be more likely to eat a takeaway with your hands.
Answer #10 | 14/10 2013 00:49
In Italy we have two different kinds of pizzerias: Traditional pizzeria: you seat at the table, you are served by a waiter, you cut your pizza by yourself. Pizzeria al taglio (taglio means cut): you just order your slice of pizza, or your pizza not cutted, you can eat it standing up, or you can choose to sit down (but sometimes this pizzeria doesn't have seats).
Answer #11 | 13/10 2013 13:07
Several of us have mastered cutlery.
Answer #12 | 12/10 2013 06:34
coz they dont know , that u cant cut a pizza to save your life.
Answer #13 | 11/10 2013 12:03
Some restaurants are rubbish and don't do the job properly
Answer #14 | 11/10 2013 23:08
In decades of pizza orders and i never had a pizza that wasn't cut that's the epitome of stupidity and laziness.

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