Why do some people's hair grow faster than others?

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  • Why do some people's hair grow faster than others?


Answer #1 | 05/01 2014 11:40
Ya, I think it's your genes. Also the way you care for it.
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Answer #2 | 05/01 2014 11:51
Yes it's genetic and it can also be controlled a little bit by diet (specifically vitamin intake). I'm jealous of your hair!
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Answer #3 | 05/01 2014 11:41
Because all races are very different, we have different brain sizes slighty, skull shapes, eye orbits, or even shapes of teeth. It depends on your racial genetics, race isn't just skin color like how ignorant people say, your genes depending on what type of genes you have create your skin color and every part of your body. I have European genes in me that's why I have white skin, blonde hair, and green eyes. While Africans have African genes in them so they have big lips, large flat noses, and different shaped skulls with black skin.
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