Why do people say "be grateful" ?

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  • Why do people say "be grateful" ?


Answer #1 | 23/12 2013 08:08
I guess people say it because even though you can't see it now, you are very lucky to even have people around you that are there for you if you fall and who care for you - though as I've already said, you may not notice now. 'Hate' is a very big word and using it because your parents may have offended you a couple of times isn't really justifiable. I'm sure they're just trying to look out for you, and telling you to be nicer and subtly pointing out what you're doing wrong is the job of a mother. Ignore any comments you don't like and just appreciate your family while you still have them, because let me tell you now, they won't be there forever and one day you'll find yourself in a whole new one. At the end of the day, if you feel there are any big problems, don't be afraid to actually talk to your family and talk things through, but don't feel the need to chuck the word hate around like it's a ball or something. You're 13, you're young, have fun and enjoy life. Don't take things too seriously. Hope you found this helpful and that I didn't come across rude or anything. (:

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