Why do people post on Yahoo answers?

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  • Why do people post on Yahoo answers?


Answer #1 | 09/12 2011 19:43
but you can help somebody
Answer #2 | 09/12 2011 21:29
Actually, you are the one that's pathetic. You are posting the question. Why would you ask this question if YOU DIDN'T WANT AN ANSWER IN THE FIRST PLACE?! /:(
Answer #3 | 09/12 2011 22:07
No hope for the future =_=
Answer #4 | 10/12 2011 09:30
Yeah, you're smart. No one cares what YOU think. I like Yahoo!answers (note the spelling, Dr. Brainstein) no matter what dropouts like you think.
Answer #5 | 10/12 2011 17:11
Y!A interested you enough to make you post here. Incorrectly, I might add -- under 'Dining Out.' LOL, you're not the brightest bulb on the tree.

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