Why do people hate Sarah Jessica Parker? She is beautiful,isn't she?

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  • Why do people hate Sarah Jessica Parker? She is beautiful,isn't she?


Answer #1 | 12/02 2017 06:53
she ugly as ****
Answer #2 | 12/02 2017 08:37
as the saying goes beauty is in the eye of the beholder just cause you think she's the greatest thing going don't expect everyone to follow the leader everyone has there own opionion on what they think is beautiful I personally have never particularly liked the woman's looks or how she acts
Answer #3 | 12/02 2017 07:36
yes she is!
Answer #4 | 12/02 2017 06:55
She looks like a dang witch! Have your eyes checked!!! Aaaaah!!!
Answer #5 | 12/02 2017 07:08
Most people have forgotten she exists. As for looks, she has what is called a horse face--very long.
Answer #6 | 12/02 2017 07:20
Parker's face is pretty enough, if you're into that 1980's look. However, I noticed that she has the ugliest hands I've ever seen on any celebrity...... just knarly looking hands and fingers.
Answer #7 | 12/02 2017 06:56
Jealousy, probably.
Answer #8 | 12/02 2017 21:11
First of all, nobody hates her. They might have been annoyed with her when her show was on, but that ended about 10 years ago. As far as being beautiful, she could have been, without that huge nose. The irony is that when the show was big, she could have paid for 10 nose jobs out of her own pocket, and looked so much better, but everyone would have been outraged.
Answer #9 | 13/02 2017 15:08
SJP is ugly she has a horse face. If she had a bit in her mouth someone would ride her like a filly in a race at the Kentucky derby
Answer #10 | 19/02 2017 04:11
She's the finest looking percheron I have ever seen.
Answer #11 | 12/02 2017 09:03
It's obvious that the person asking the question is Sarah herself....look at what was picked as best answer. How anyone could think this horse faced woman was beautiful is beyond me. If they were to recast the Wizard of Oz, she could play the wicked witch with only green tint.

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