Why do people drink a lot of coffee?

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  • Why do people drink a lot of coffee?


Answer #1 | 19/08 2009 14:54
Coffee is good for you in moderate amounts, but when you drink too much all the good sides are gone.
Positive: 100 %
Answer #2 | 18/08 2009 13:01
I don't like coffee. It might be bad to get addictive.
Answer #3 | 18/08 2009 12:40
its not bad for you in small amounts a few cups a day wont kill you! but coffee contains caffeine which become addictive and can be deadly . At large amount as they can make your heart beat rise .
Answer #4 | 18/08 2009 13:20
I drink it to keep awake. I am a college student and pull many "All-Nighters". Need I say more
Answer #5 | 18/08 2009 15:04
No - Drinking coffee is not bad but sometimes it is good to drink it on cold weather. It can keep you warm. Too much may be addictive though...
Answer #6 | 19/08 2009 20:06
People drink coffee to get the caffeine, mostly, or because they like the taste. If you don't add anything, it doesn't have any calories, making it a good diet drink, too. And, yes, it is bad to drink too much. You MUST limit yourself, or eventually, you will have problems. I have been known to drink so much coffee that I oughtn't to have been driving afterwards...If I had been stopped one night on my way home, I could have been ticketed for driving under the influence! :) are not supposed to post in the same category all the time...unless your question fits the category! There is a REASON for the separation of this forum into catgories, and if you are not following the rules, you will be reported. You agreed to the rules of the site when you got your account.

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