Why do Jews ruin Nations?

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  • Why do Jews ruin Nations?


Answer #1 | 13/04 2017 08:31
And which nations have they ruined, Grasshopper? ~
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Answer #2 | 13/04 2017 08:19
don't feed the troll ...............
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Answer #3 | 13/04 2017 08:28
1 Jewish Rabbi Admits Jews are an Alien Group Whose Goal is to Conquer the World The supremacy and racism, which is the foundation of the jewish “ religion ” is based up on the Jewish scriptures . The Jews claim they have a special gene that gives them a divine inheritance that they got from “ Jehova. ” And wh ere the G entiles literally come from the seed of Satan and are an entirely different species , separate from the Jew. N ow the Jewish Cohen gene has something no other race or ethnic group on this earth has , the alien Reptilian DNA. As we know our Gods are the Nordic s who are a race of ascended extra terrestrials. T he Jews by their own statements and genes came from an en tirely different extra terrestrial race, those known as “ Reptilians . ” Latiman goes on to confess that the Jew is an alien race that infiltrates all other races to subjugate them and get them under Jewish control so that the Jews can conqueror the earth. Th e Jews believe when this happens , their god will literally land on M ount Zion and rule the world a long with their Messiah. Their e xtra t errestria l creators will simply land, reveal themselves , and directly over see the farming of the G entiles themselves. A s Rabbi Latiman says to a Jewish audience.The video: From the video: Ra bbi Michael Laitman: In fact, we are not coming from here. We came from there (points to outer space). This is Israel a t their root. So we went through such a route that took us inside by, what is called the “ shattering of the vessels ”... the shattering of the collective soul ... Question from the audience: Who is the chief of staff tha t sent the commanding unit? Rabbi Michae l Laitman: Him. The Creator. Israel is a part of Him ... Question from the audience: So, this chief of staff sent this commanding unit? Rabbi Michael Lai tman: Sent the commanding unit, g ave them strength , g ave the m the connections. Everything ... . But ... they h ave no choice. He broke them. He shattered them. What does it mean? In order to put them inside the hostile land, he had to give them the same form as that hostile land. It ’ s like we go into a country as an undercover team a nd each one of us is exactly lik e the people of the land. Say we ’ re being sent somewhere now – Africa for instance. So we ’ ll take on the same shape and form of the people in Africa ; t he characteristics, the traits, the approach, the interests, everything. The same exact for – inside and out ... You know, it ’ s like an undercover agent. He is there for a while, and no one touches him. He has to start working, build a house, a family ... Everything is fine for years and years. After that, he starts doing something. He gets a reminder fro m outside. You gott a start working. He already forgot about it and all of a sudden they call him. Here is your commander, and this and that, you know – like in the movies ... This is what ’ s happening with us. We have to wake up. We have to remember that we have a speci al mission. And really, this isn ’ t our place. We ’ re coming from a completely different place. So we have to find our friends according to this awakening. Did you get a phone call? I got a phone call ; he got a phone call and so on. And then we gather as a g roup. So from this entire planet, we are aliens coming from a different galaxy. We receive this ray of light – this awakening – individually. And now we ’ re gathering as groups starting to prep are ourselves to conquer Earth. That ’ s the mission. Question fr om the audience: How do we conquer it? Rav Michael Laitman: How do we conquer it? We ’ re also sent the method. We ’ re being shown everything gradually. We ’ re being taught. Not being taught, but kind of trained and activated ... which sets our minds in motion. But in fact, it ’ s coming from our original planet. And thanks to that original natural force we have, we will 3 takeo ver those living on Earth. Why are you looking at me like that? You don ’ t believe me? I ’ m telling you seriously! It ’ s even more than that. It ’ s not a different galaxy – it ’ s a different universe. It ’ s a different dimension altogether. That ’ s who we are ... Question from the Audience: “... Why are they aliens? ” Rev. Michael Laitman: “ They ’ re aliens because ... . I ’ m not talking about their external form – their body or their flesh and blood organs , I ’ m talking about that interior that does not exist in other people in the world on Earth but only in them. It ’ s the inner software that is in them here coming from the other world. ” “... What we ’ re talking abou t now is the phase where those undercover agents have to connect together and organize themselves in order to conquer Earth ... So we came here in order to put things in order – like in our home planet .
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Answer #4 | 13/04 2017 08:26
Bigotry ruins Nations.
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Answer #5 | 13/04 2017 08:07
It's in their nature. Divide and conquer. By destroying others through subversion, they promote their own survival. Racially diverse societies cause races to fight each other, thus taking their attention off the real threat... Jews. I am a leading authority on Jews and race. Don't believe me? My poem: David Duke chose me as his first radio cohost because of my knowledge and ability. Gary John. I will lead the west to victory once again.
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Answer #6 | 13/04 2017 08:29
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Answer #7 | 13/04 2017 08:16
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Answer #8 | 13/04 2017 08:17
thats actually the muslims that do that
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Answer #9 | 13/04 2017 08:09
Cuz no one else stepped up to do so.
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Anonymous749319 | 10/06 2019 17:19
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Anonymous593355 | 27/02 2019 03:34
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Answer #12 | 13/04 2017 08:40
They're not Jewish - They are made the synagogue of Satan. This nepotistic protogee of Zion can be traced from east to west over thousands of years with the rise and collapse of empires. Suffice to say, Zion is not Sion.
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Anonymous984775 | 05/07 2020 07:04
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