Why do Italians love so much Pasta?

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  • Why do Italians love so much Pasta?


Answer #1 | 09/06 2006 00:21
Their heritage?
Answer #2 | 09/06 2006 07:45
When introduced to a wonderful sauce Hay! whats not to love baby. Oh! don't forget the vino"
Answer #3 | 09/06 2006 00:40
You can thank Marco Polo for this enfatuation with pasta the Italians have. It was he who started it all back in the very late thirteenth century when he visited China and brought back the recipe for pasta and the early form of pizza.
Answer #4 | 09/06 2006 00:28
I think that's a common misconception, Italian food has a wide variety of ingredients. They use more seafood then some other cultures. I'm pretty sure that pasta was invented in China and brought to Italy later on. Food in general is important in Italian culture, and they usually have many courses of all sorts of food especially during occaisions like Christmas.
Answer #5 | 09/06 2006 00:22
its origin dates back in italy, every region has a diff taste for everything, society, culture, education, fashion and food, they like the pizza too, and we too like it, it just depends on personal choise!
Answer #6 | 09/06 2006 00:25
we love pasta, yes it is true. we love it because it is made of carbohydrates, and they are the only source of energy the brain we need all the carbs we can get to stay on top of our game!
Answer #7 | 09/06 2006 08:34
in italy its eaten as a side dish, with fish meat or pork, here in america they eat it like everything else largeeeeeee portions.
Answer #8 | 09/06 2006 08:36
why do americans eat so much garbage...... same reason italians love there pasta, you like it.........
Answer #9 | 15/06 2006 11:48
I'm an italian girl! We love pasta because we think that there isn't another food so satisfactory and delicious (but we also love pizza :-P) Probably it's also a gennetic matter! Bye
Answer #10 | 14/06 2006 23:23
i don't know...but thank god for it....i love pasta!
Answer #11 | 13/06 2006 08:45
They don't. Its a stereotyped view. That would be like saying all British sit around all day in suits, smoking pipes and drinking tea. Which they don't (I know as I'm half English and have lived there most of my life); or like saying all Americans are Homer Simpson - sitting around all day eating burgers and pizza. Anyway Italian food is much nicer than food in the rest of the world. All (well most) Italian food is made with really high quality ingredients (and by Italian food i mean food you get in Italy, not from a restaurant in Chicago which serves Pizza and Pasta).
Answer #12 | 09/06 2006 13:57
their culture. and thank god for italians and all the different pastas.
Answer #13 | 10/06 2006 18:58
Because, it's just a part of our culture! We love it.. most italians do anyway! It can be eaten with pretty much anything and cooked with such a wide variety of ingredients! Pasta is amazing and I have to admit that I eat it about 5 times a week... Pasta for italians is like noodles for the chinese or cod fish for the portuguese.. Not everyone likes it, but it's part of the culture and most people eat it! Long live pastaaaa hehe

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