Why do I have a great opinion of people I do not know?

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  • Why do I have a great opinion of people I do not know?


Answer #1 | 06/08 2008 18:19
If you don't know them it's less likely that you have seen their bad qualities. When you view someone from afar, you're most likely just seeing the persona that they show to the general public (which, for most people, is a nice-guy persona). You usually have to get to know people at a personal level before they reveal their inadequacies.
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Answer #2 | 09/08 2008 21:38
because you need to eat more
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Answer #3 | 10/08 2008 06:15
thats normal....because you can easily relate to them.....
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Answer #4 | 09/08 2008 21:29
it depends on how you see them at first. if their outer appearance is good, you would most likely say that they are neat and good as well. but if they are unclean when you first see them, you will surely have bad opinions like they are dirty, bad, etc. that is why first impressions really have a strong effect in people. but don't worry, its normal to us to judge a people at first impressions. we can't really avoid that.
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Answer #5 | 07/08 2008 05:57
Maybe you think so lowly of yourself that is why you have too high expectations from others... that is not good...
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Answer #6 | 08/08 2008 06:36
maybe because u got great expectations about them without disappointments.. [:
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Answer #7 | 07/08 2008 05:00
Great or not, since they are total strangers, you better be very careful but be nice to them in such a way that you will have a chance to get to know them better. But still be very careful for they might just take advantage of your kindness and they might use you to get their unannounced intentions. Take care and GOD BLESS THE CHILD.
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